PREMIERE: Milo Reject’s Track Edits on “Stet” for Pickathon’s Slab Sessions

The left-field hip-hop troubadour brings his wired analogies to the Pickathon stage.

If you’re tryna learn some new words today, you’re in luck—Milo’s the latest artist to take the Pickathon Slab for a brief-yet-wordy set. Biddeford, Maine’s rapper-in-residence treated us to a dizzying performance of “Stet” from September’s Budding Ornithologists Are Weary of Tired Analogies LP, a three-minute tirade that shows no sign of stopping from its opening analogy, which, characteristically, likens his writing chops to the regenerative limb of a Dragon Ball Z character. Come for Rory Ferreira’s impertinent sense of humor (“Right here in America’s buttcheeks”), stay for the transcendent slam poetry.

As always, this episode of the Slab Sessions was produced by the excellent folks at Half Stop Sessions.


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