WATCH: “To Health in a Handbasket”: President Obama Takes Over “The Word” on “The Colbert Report”

It's like he's used to taking the lead or something.

While Stephen Colbert gets ready to leave his desk on The Colbert Report for one on CBS, there is someone who is ready to step up take his place. Last night, President Obama stepped out three minutes before he was expected to appear on the show and declared to Colbert, “Stephen, you’ve been taking a lot of shots at my job, I decided I’m going to go ahead and take a shot at yours.”

The president then took Colbert’s seat and in a segment of “The Word” (which he renamed as “The Decree”) took on the role of the usual host and began the comedic rant at his own expense, taking shots at the his own “arrogance,” aging, and Obamacare.

The segment was then followed by a two-part interview, where Colbert and Obama discussed the new Republican majority in Congress, new job creation, and immigration law.

You can watch the interview or the whole episode on the Comedy Central website.


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