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2016. Sarah Neufeld The Ridge cover hi-res

Sarah Neufeld, “The Ridge”

The peaks of “The Ridge” are melodic, beautiful, and worthy of a good sonic hike.

March 01, 2016

2016. Nonkeen The Gamble cover, hi-res

nonkeen, “the gamble”

In the hands of German composer Nils Frahm, even the most minimalist sound can be manipulated into a moving and grand piece of music.

February 12, 2016

2015. The Neighborhood Wiped Out! cover hi-res

The Neighbourhood, “Wiped Out!”

“Wiped Out!” is different, stripped of the R&B swag and playful lyrics that their previous effort carried to mainstream success.

November 12, 2015

2015. Seinabo Sey, “Pretend”

Seinabo Sey, “Pretend”

She comes from Sweden with a direct declaration: “There’s a conclusion to my illusion / I assure you this.”

October 27, 2015

Neon Indian. Vega intl night school cover.

Neon Indian, “VEGA INTL. Night School”

Slightly chaotic and with plenty of character, these songs don’t get dull.

October 16, 2015

The Arcs. Yours, Dreamily, cover.

The Arcs, “Yours, Dreamily”

But this isn’t a Black Keys album, it’s an Arcs album.

September 18, 2015

2015. Tijuana Panthers Poster cover

Tijuana Panthers, “Poster”

It would be easy to lump Tijuana Panthers’ latest LP in with the beach bum sound that’s been so popular as of late, but there’s a textured depth to “Poster.”

September 09, 2015

The maccabees. Marks to prove it cover artwork.

The Maccabees, “Marks to Prove It”

Over the past decade, The Maccabees have evolved sonically as dictated by the times, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

July 31, 2015

2015. “Sing Into My Mouth”

Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell, “Sing Into My Mouth”

A covers album is a very difficult thing to pull off, even with tempered expectations.

July 17, 2015

September 18, 2004: An early morning flight under a thin overcast layer revealed this quilt-like vista southwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fall is an amazing time in farm country. For most of the year, fields tend to be the same color when viewed from above: white in winter, brown in spring, green during the summer. But the fall harvest brings out an amazing variety of color across the landscape. I suspect that the overhead cloud layer and low angle of the morning sun may have contributed a quality of light that accentuated the color differences more than usual.

Heartless Bastards, “Restless Ones”

There is something quite comforting about the new Heartless Bastards album “Restless Ones.”

June 18, 2015

Of monsters and men. beneath the skin. cover.

Of Monsters and Men, “Beneath the Skin”

With “Beneath the Skin,” Of Monsters and Men shed their jaunty, sweet exterior, and expose some (or, more accurately, too many) darker and moodier cuts.

June 09, 2015

2015. Brandon Flowers, “The Desired Effect”

Brandon Flowers, “The Desired Effect”

Straying from the path paved as the frontman of a world-renowned band is not an easy task, especially with a distinguished voice like Brandon Flowers’s.

May 18, 2015

Surfer Blood 1000 Palms cover art

Surfer Blood, “1000 Palms”

For “1000 Palms,” the quartet strays from the pristine surf-pop sound of 2013’s “Pythons” and fills their third LP with more reverb and psychedelic accents.

May 13, 2015

2015. Great Lake Swimmers, “A Forest of Arms”

Great Lake Swimmers, “A Forest of Arms”

There’s nothing particularly wrong with “A Forest of Arms,” but there is an inescapable taste of disappointment left in your mouth when there isn’t anything more to really sink your teeth into.

April 22, 2015

2015. Lord Huron, “Strange Trails” art

Lord Huron, “Strange Trails”

“Strange Trails” might not take listeners down the road less traveled, but it still provides the warm and familiar comfort of a wise friend.

April 16, 2015

2015. Matt and Kim, “New Glow”

Matt and Kim, “New Glow”

Five albums in and the pair haven’t changed a thing; “New Glow” is more of a mixture of their previous efforts than anything novel or different.

April 10, 2015

2015. The Mountain Goats, “Beat The Champ”

The Mountain Goats, “Beat the Champ”

It’s a record that comes at the heels of Darnielle’s critically acclaimed novel, and its lofty ambitions do not disappoint.

April 09, 2015

2015. Ryley Walker, “Primrose Green”

Ryley Walker, “Primrose Green”

Every track on singer-songwriter Ryley Walker’s sophomore LP evokes a vivid setting of pristine pastoral beauty.

April 03, 2015

2015. Public Service Broadcasting, “The Race for Space”

Public Service Broadcasting, “The Race for Space”

The band lifts its audience from present day, takes them back in time, and then pushes them through the atmosphere to the moon and back. Grab footage of your favorite space scenes, sit back, and enjoy.

February 24, 2015

2015. Two Gallants, “We Are Undone”

Two Gallants, “We Are Undone”

On “We Are Undone,” Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel seem to have something to say, but they fall short of expressing it in any memorable way.

February 04, 2015

2015. Mount Eerie, “Sauna”

Mount Eerie, “Sauna”

At first “Sauna”’s tracks seem a bit boring and monotonous due to their seemingly infinite lengths, but, with a closer listen, the album builds its own state of consciousness with layers of intense and profound musical compositions.

February 03, 2015

2015. Hanni El Khatib, “Moonlight” album art.

Hanni El Khatib, “Moonlight”

Where Dirt stuck to cranking out soulful blues-rock jams, Moonlight experiments with Khatib’s familiar garage-rock sound through higher production values.

January 20, 2015

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night poster

Film + TV
Breaking: Ana Lily Amirpour

The director discusses her debut feature film, the Iranian vampire western “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.”

December 15, 2014

The Little Prince, 2015, Photo Courtesy Paramount Pictures France

Film + TV
WATCH: Childhood Memories Come to Life in the French Trailer for “The Little Prince”

There are certain books that can resonate with you so much to the point of complete immersion into the fictional world….

December 11, 2014

Shlohmo, 2014, press photo courtesy the windish agency.

LISTEN: Electronic Musician Shlohmo Releases New Track, “Emerge From Smoke”

Henry Laufer, better known as Shlohmo, is making some changes. He announced signing to label True Panther recently and released new…

December 10, 2014

Boyhood / Lorelai Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Ellar Coltrane / credit: Matt Lankes/IFC Films

Film + TV
WATCH: Short Behind-The-Scenes Film Looks Back at the Making of “Boyhood”

With Boyhood, Richard Linklater achieved an amazing feat of capturing every stage of growing up over twelve years of filming. It’s…

December 10, 2014

The Colbert Report, 2014, Obama Decree Segment Screenshot.

Film + TV
WATCH: “To Health in a Handbasket”: President Obama Takes Over “The Word” on “The Colbert Report”

While Stephen Colbert gets ready to leave his desk on The Colbert Report for one on CBS, there is someone who…

December 09, 2014

James Bond, SPECTRE logo, 2015.

Film + TV
The New James Bond Movie Has a Name and a Pretty Awesome Cast to Go with It

If you follow @007 on Twitter, then Christmas came early for you this week, as the official James Bond account announced the cast…

December 05, 2014

2014. Grammys Announcement Twitter picture

More Awards, More Nominations: The Grammys Announce Their List for 2015 [UPDATED]

The Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences are making a whole morning event to announce their list of nominations for their…

December 05, 2014

Gorillaz, 2010, by Jamie Hewlett, courtesy Parlophone Records

Art & Culture
Gorillaz Co-Founder Jamie Hewlett Announces New Art Book Project

It seems that the creative wheels of the Gorillaz team never stop turning. While the project’s frontman Damon Albarn ventured out to work…

December 04, 2014

Screenshot from Teengirl Fantasy and Hoody’s video for MOCAtv

Art & Culture
WATCH: Teengirl Fantasy and Hoody’s New Video for “U Touch Me” on MOCAtv

With their Thermal EP, Teengirl Fantasy‘s Logan Takahashi and Nicholas Weiss have created more than just a set songs; they’ve created a…

December 02, 2014

BBC’s “Sherlock” opening titles

Film + TV
BBC Gives Fans First Glimpse of the Return of “Sherlock”

Whether you gasped in excitement or in horror that Watson’s mustache is back, yes, folks, we will be getting more…

November 25, 2014

Hamilton Leithauser, 2014, press photo

LISTEN: Hamilton Leithauser Shares New Track, “Room for Forgiveness”

After the release of his debut solo album Black Hours earlier this year, Hamilton Leithauser has spent 2014 touring with Spoon and Broken…

November 21, 2014

TGI Friday’s Mistletoe Drone, 2014

Art & Culture
TGI Fridays Introduces the Mistletoe Drone for the Holidays

It’s about that time of the year when all of the green-and-red bows and garland start lining the walls of every single…

November 21, 2014

SZA press photo 2014, photo by SSENSE

LISTEN: SZA Brings Some Soul Into New Single “Sobriety”

After releasing an EP earlier this year, SZA is sharing a brand-new single that you might be able to hear…

November 21, 2014

Madi Diaz press photo, 2014, Photo by Neil Krug

WATCH: Madi Diaz Plays a Powerful Acoustic Performance of “Pictures”

From Pennsylvania to Boston to Nashville to Los Angeles, Madi Diaz has experienced a whole lot of heartbreak along the…

November 20, 2014

“Flesh War” Music Video, 2014, Total Control

WATCH: Tag Along on the Passenger Side of Total Control’s “Flesh War” Video

Melbourne, Australia’s Total Control has a track perfect for late-night drives..literally. Off of Typical System, released earlier this year, “Flesh War”…

November 19, 2014

Father John Misty, 2014, by Emma Elizabeth Tillman

WATCH: Father John Misty Reveals NSFW Album Trailer for “I Love You, Honeybear”

It looks like Father John Misty‘s Josh Tillman is playing Santa Claus (or Oprah) for the music world again, gifting us…

November 18, 2014

2014. “& Beyonce” “Jeopardy” category

Film + TV
Beyoncé Is Worth More Than $1000; She’s Worth A “Jeopardy” Category

If you’re only tuning onto Jeopardy every once in a while when your channel-surfing while eating dinner, you may have…

November 12, 2014

“Ropes” Video Screenshot, 2014, Thus Owls

WATCH: Thus Owls Share A Surreal, Mystical Video For “Ropes” (FLOOD Premiere)

The Swedish-Canadian band Thus Owls have a way of creating visuals in listener’s minds with the ethereal vocals of Erika…

November 12, 2014

“Exit Only” Video Screenshot with Michael Shannon, 2014, Deerhoof

WATCH: Michael Shannon Versus Michael Shannon in Deerhoof’s “Exit Only” Video

No one fucks with Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Revolutionary Road), not even himself. “Good” Shannon was just minding his own business,…

November 11, 2014

Damien Rice, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” 2014.

Damien Rice, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy”

After eight years of radio silence from singer-songwriter Damien Rice, My Favourite Faded Fantasy comes with the kind of self-reflection that only time can provide, but doesn’t have the musical innovation that the time away should have provided.

November 11, 2014

“Revolution Indifference” Music Video by Until The Ribbon Breaks, 2014

WATCH: Until the Ribbon Breaks Shares “Revolution Indifference” Featuring Run the Jewels

British trio Until the Ribbon Breaks are getting ready to release their debut album early next year and in anticipation…

November 10, 2014

Aspen, CO – January 22, 2014 – Buttermilk Mountain: Russ Henshaw during practice for Men’s Ski SlopeStyle at X Games…

Art & Culture
X Games Aspen 2015 Is Approaching Fast, Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

With temperatures rapidly decreasing and snowfall increasing in various parts of the world, it’s just about that time to start obsessing…

November 05, 2014

“Every Age” Video Screenshot, Jose Gonzalez, 2014

WATCH: See the World from Space in José González’s Breathtaking “Every Age” Video

After getting super excited about José González‘s album announcement last week, we finally get to hear a bit of new…

November 05, 2014

Screenshot of Ariel Pink’s Video for “Picture Me Gone”, 2014

WATCH: Ariel Pink Hides Faces Behind Masks in Video for “Picture Me Gone”

When Ariel Pink joined New York City’s P.S. 22’s choir for a day, he shared the emotionally-charged live version of “Picture…

November 05, 2014

Promo Photo for “Eden” directed by Mia Hansen-Løve, 2014, Courtesy CG Cinéma

Film + TV
WATCH: Electronic Dance Movement, Paris, and Daft Punk Found in Mia Hansen-Løve’s New Film “Eden”

There’s a special energy that comes with the start of something new. There’s something invigorating about being involved in an…

November 04, 2014

Father John Misty, 2014, by Emma Elizabeth Tillman

WATCH: Father John Misty Performs “Bored in the USA” Off Upcoming Album

In case you fell asleep too early or were out too late or were watching another late night talk show…

November 04, 2014

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, “Catchy (Was Contagious)” Music Video

WATCH: Get Your Halloween Started with Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks’ “Catchy (Was Contagious)”

If there’s anyone to start off our Halloween right, it’s Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, and boy, they do not disappoint. Today…

October 31, 2014

Criterion Designs Inside Book Cover, 2014, Courtesy The Criterion Collection

Art & CultureFilm + TV
The Criterion Collection to Release “Criterion Designs” Art Book

When it comes to movies, you can never have too many things that show off your appreciation for the best…

October 29, 2014

Joan Didion, via Kickstarter (© Julian Wasser)

Art & CultureFilm + TV
WATCH: The Trailer for the Upcoming, Kickstarter-Funded Joan Didion Documentary, “We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order To Live”

In her lifetime, Joan Didion has written some of the most inspiring works that still resonate with readers today. From fiction to…

October 24, 2014
Run The Jewels Release Upcoming Album Early As a Free Download

Two good things happened today thanks to El-P and Killer Mike, the duo behind Run the Jewels: 1. Fans no…

October 24, 2014

Screenshot from Disney’s Feast

Film + TV
WATCH: Disney’s “Feast” Is the Animated Short to Look Out For This Year

With Disney’s Big Hero 6 coming out in just a couple of weeks, the animation studio released the teaser of the short film…

October 23, 2014

Trash Talk CONS Pro Leather Skate Collection

Art & Culture
Converse x Trash Talk Debut New, Limited-Edition Footwear Collection

Fashion and music collaborations can be really awesome, and this is a pretty great one. Converse CONS teamed up with hardcore…

October 22, 2014
Yo La Tengo Will Release “Extra Painful” in Celebration of Thirty-Year Anniversary

After thirty years together, Yo La Tengo have built a pretty solid discography, and it could be argued that 1993’s Painful…

October 21, 2014
LISTEN: Moors Share “Smoke” Off Upcoming Debut EP

The duo behind Moors has some pretty great things coming up. The musical project of producer HH and sometime-actor Keith Stanfield (who…

October 17, 2014
WATCH: Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s SPF 50 Water Park Adventures and Drama in Video for “Quail and Dumplings”

Don’t hang up your bathing suits just yet! Bonnie “Prince” Billy is inviting you to the “Quail and Dumplings” Wet &…

October 15, 2014
Film + TV
WATCH: J. K. Simmons and Miles Teller Push the Limits in “Whiplash” Trailer

Judging from the piling accolades and fast-moving word-of-mouth praise, Whiplash may be the best thing that both J. K. Simmons and…

October 15, 2014

2014. Stars, “No One Is Lost”

Stars, “No One Is Lost”

The bright, neon pink words on No One Is Lost’s album cover set a deceptively colorful vibe for the Montreal band’s seventh full-length.

October 14, 2014

photo by Robert Higgins

Art & Culture
Unpublished Truman Capote Works Discovered

Thanks to Peter Haag, the world now has more Truman Capote (In Cold Blood, Breakfast at Tiffany’s) writing to look…

October 10, 2014

Kim Gordon memoir header

Art & Culture
Kim Gordon’s Memoir “Girl in a Band” Is Set for a February Release

Kim Gordon was a Girl in a Band, and now she has a book telling us about what that was like. Her…

October 08, 2014

M83 screenshot from “Moonchild”

WATCH: M83 Releases New Video for “Moonchild” along with Reissues of First Three Albums

Even after three years, it’s easy to identify the opening melody of M83’s “Midnight City”—or at least get an “oh, hey,…

October 08, 2014

2014. SBTRKT, “Wonder Where We Land”

SBTRKT, “Wonder Where We Land”

As the follow-up to SBTRKT’s 2011 self-titled debut, “Wonder Where We Land” serves to take the listener beyond the soulful textures previously heard from the electronica moniker of Aaron Jerome.

October 07, 2014

2014. Zola Jesus, “Taiga” album art.

Zola Jesus, “Taiga”

There’s a confident energy that surrounds Taiga. Haunting and chilling from the start, Nika Danilova (a.k.a. Zola Jesus) emerges from the echoes of the album’s opening song with a powerful and booming voice.

October 07, 2014

2014. Promo photo of “Kingsman: The Secret Service” courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Film + TV
WATCH: Colin Firth is Surrounded by Cool Gadgets and Explosions in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” Trailer

If you ever wondered what the world of espionage in the UK—beyond one agent named Bond—might look like, then you should take…

October 02, 2014

2014. Weezer album art.

Weezer, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End”

With Everything Will Be Alright in the End, Weezer has brought back something that’s been missing from their discography for a long time: a solid collection of songs.

September 30, 2014
Electric Youth

Electric Youth press photo / 2014 / credit: Chris Muir

Breaking: Electric Youth

The Canadian duo known for their soundscaping electronic single from “Drive,” talk their stunning debut, “Innerworld”—four years in the making.

September 25, 2014
Allah-Las, “Worship the Sun”

With the beach, the desert, and endless supply of sunshine surrounding Los Angeles—the city that Allah-Las happen to call home—it makes sense that these scenic vibes run through the band’s second album Worship the Sun.

September 16, 2014

2014. Shovels & Rope, “Swimmin’ Time” album art.

Shovels & Rope, “Swimmin’ Time”

With Swimmin’ Time, the couple creates a diverse range of characters, each exploring the depth of their literal and metaphorical waters.

August 26, 2014

2014. Kimbra, “The Golden Echo” album art

Kimbra, “The Golden Echo”

When observing Kimbra’s intense fashion sense, it’s easy to see her appreciation for elaborate and over-the-top art.

August 19, 2014

2014. Luluc, “Passerby” album art.

Luluc, “Passerby”

Passerby is an album rooted in time and patience. Since their 2008 debut Dear Hamlyn, Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett have taken the beauty and intimacy of their sound, nurtured it, and allowed it to grow.

July 15, 2014
Cloud Boat, “Model of You”

The sonic landscapes are more lush and ambient than on their debut; Model of You feels more cohesive, the songs complementing each other while still offering something new.

July 08, 2014

2014 press photo of White Arrows. Photo by Angel Ceballos.

LISTEN: White Arrows Showcase A Fresh Sound With “I Want A Taste”

A sophomore album is always a defining moment in the life of a band. Your pent-up debut energy is gone…

June 25, 2014