The Arcs, “Yours, Dreamily”

the-arcs_yours-dreamily_coverThe Arcs
Yours, Dreamily

It would be easy to say that this is just another Black Keys album. True, it’s hard to shake off the impression that Yours, Dreamily would fit in the blues-rock duo’s earlier stripped-down records, before they took a turn for the bigger arena rock sounds of El Camino and Turn Blue. But this isn’t a Black Keys album, it’s an Arcs album. Yours, Dreamily has an undeniable amount of charm to it; the joy in Dan Auerbach’s voice lets the listener in on the soulful fun. After a strange and faraway thirty-second opening track, Auerbach safely starts the album with the undeniably catchy “Outta My Mind.” He doubles down with the bluesy rollicks of “Pistol Made of Bones,” entices with the sultry “Come & Go” (sexy background moans included), and seduces with the quiet romance of “Stay in My Corner.” With polished falsetto and psychedelic reverb throughout, Yours, Dreamily is an eclectic, yet cohesive effort that will have listeners falling in love with Auerbach all over again.


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