The Maccabees, “Marks to Prove It”

The-Maccabees_Marks-To-Prove-It_coverThe Maccabees
Marks to Prove It

Over the past decade, The Maccabees have evolved sonically as dictated by the times, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s a quality that has kept them balancing on the precarious line between interesting and lackluster in the midst of so much new music. Marks to Prove It continues the tradition of experimentation, but where 2011’s Given to the Wild felt cohesive, this latest effort simply does not. The only consistency between the two LPs is how often frontman Orlando Weeks manipulates his voice. However, even within this seemingly rootless album, certain songs stand strong on their own. From the thundering high energy of the title track to the bluesy whispers of the closer “Dawn Chorus,” the Brits weave their instrumental layers with care. While The Maccabees’ textural prowess and admirable pacing should be applauded, Marks to Prove It is, unfortunately, an album that reveals a band uncertain of itself and its future.


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