PREMIERE: Kevin Garrett Gets Intimate with “Faith You Might”

He’s already worked with Beyoncé and earned a Grammy nod. Now the singer is the one in the spotlight.

Kevin Garrett is ready. Coming straight out of Pittsburgh, the singer-songwriter made an immediate impact with his 2015 debut EP, Mellow Drama. Deeply soulful with an ear for memorable melodies, Garrett’s talents have already catapulted him to the rarefied air of working with none less than Beyoncé. It was a collaboration that came with a major payoff: his first Grammy nomination for co-writing and producing “Pray You Catch Me,” the opening track on Bey’s Lemonade album.

Now, Garrett is poised to release his debut album, Hoax, which is on pace to arrive this spring. Having already galvanized his perpetually growing fanbase with the recent single, “In Case I Don’t Feel,” the singer returns with his brand new track, “Faith You Might.” It’s a lush, emotional ballad that rides atop muted guitars, warm pianos, and Garrett’s engaging and evocative vocals.

“‘Faith You Might’ is about longing for something to last, but being aware you’re getting older and might not be on the same page with the object of your affection, no matter how much you want to be,” he revealed in a press statement. “Conceptually, it’s how we react to a breakup or losing something. Every track has pieces of me which can be assembled to give you a clear perspective on who I am.”

To fully convey the song’s emotional depths, “Faith You Might” comes with an intimate music video that finds the singer alone in a stately but empty mansion. As the clip progresses, we see the singer remembering times spent in the space with a departed paramore, lamenting what was and what could have been. Watch it below. “Listeners will relate to Hoax in their own way,” the singer explained about his forthcoming full-length debut. “The overarching message is the necessity of growth and self-analysis of both your personality and temperament. In dealing with my journey on the road and through the music business, the one thing I’ve learned about myself is that everything is reactionary. We benefit from a certain awareness of our reactions, though. Sure, it’s totally fine to be impulsive. The point of this album is to show that you need to be thoughtful of yourself and how you actually communicate, though. If you can be mindful of your own sadness, you can get out of it.”


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