PREMIERE: KOLARS “Turn It Up” on Vinyl Exclusive

The husband-wife duo are set to release a record on the Pearl Jam guitarist's label.

KOLARS are punk.

The band’s rock-and-roll-you-can-dance-to sound all comes from just two people: The Los Angelesbased husband and wife duo of Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown. He sings and plays guitar. She plays drums, but in her own inimitable way: “Tap dancing out the hi-hat rhythm with her feet atop a bass drum, while simultaneously playing a stand-up kit,” per the band’s press release.  

While KOLARS’ upbeat tunes have been coined “desert disco” and even “glam-a-billy,” Rob Kolar says it all starts from the roots of punk rock.

“As a kid I listened to a lot of punk music and it inspired me to start singing and writing songs. It’s a culture that embraces imperfection and values authentic expression, which is empowering to someone just starting out,” he shared in an email statement.

“I was really drawn to songs like ‘Soundsystem’ by Operation Ivy and ‘Radio’ by Rancid. Both are anthems celebrating music as a medicine to raise your spirit,” Kolar added. “I’ve always wanted to write a song appreciating what music has done for my life. This song is our version of that. ‘Turn It Up’ is our tribute to how music can be vital in getting us through tough times.”

The track is a weighted blanket of roots rock thick with retro-FM production and big guitars. Matching classic Roxy Music stylings with echoes of Franz Ferdinand, KOLARS have delivered one for the collection. Listen to it below.

As such, the band will release a limited vinyl edition of “Turn It Up,” accompanied by B-side “Touch the Lightning,” on HockeyTalkter Records this spring. The label is helmed by none less than Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.

“When I first saw KOLARS live, I was incredibly impressed. Their live dynamic is nothing like I’ve seen,” McCready raved via email. “The modified drum kit, the tap dancing, the amazing songwriting. They have it all.”

Catch up with KOLARS as they’re currently on the road. The band has dates in Los Angeles (February 22), Phoenix (March 9), Austin for SXSW, Denver (March 21), and more. See the band’s complete tour itinerary here.


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