WATCH: “The OA” Is Back on Netflix for Season Two with Sharon Van Etten

In the new trailer, Prairies consciousness awakens in an alternate reality.

It’s been three long years since The OA’s first season aired, and now the sci-fi series co-created by Brit Marling (who also stars) is back for a second Netflix season on March 22.

Last time, Marling’s heroine Prairie (a.k.a. the OA, or “Original Angel”), returned home after being missing for seven years, reemerging with possible superpowers. In The OA Part II, Prairie seems to have transported her battered consciousness into a doppelgänger, alternate-universe version of herself who is wealthy, healthy, and has never been experimented upon by a sadistic scientist. Yay?

Singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten made her acting debut back in season one as Rachel, who shows up momentarily in the new trailer wearing her signature blunt bangs and exhaling cigarette smoke. In yet another musical connection for the show, The OA was co-created by Zal Batmanglij, whose brother Rostam (formerly of Vampire Weekend), scores the series.

Watch the s2 trailer below.


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