Death From Above 1979 Have A (Very) Limited-Edition Jacket

The cool weather is creeping in and Death From Above 1979 have you covered.

Dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979 has a pretty sick logo worthy of wearing on your back. Well, now all your DFA fashion dreams can come true as the band launches their limited-edition black denim jacket.

Designed by Klaxon Howl and Wolff, the Levi’s cut features the unique logo (the duo’s faces with elephant trunks shown above) on the back, while a hand-stitched “79” sits on the front, left shoulder of the jacket. You can head to their twitter now to get one, but there are only sixty available so you better hurry!


If you missed your chance to get one, you can still pick up their new album The Physical World, available now via Warner.



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