FLOODfest @ SXSW 2019 Day Two: Techno Robots, Hip-Hop History, and the Future of Rap Is Female

Dungeon Family, Leikeli47, Kari Faux, and more point rap in the right direction.

Now that was a party. 

FLOODfest @ SXSW 2019 presented by Magic Leap was everything we had dreamed it could be and more. Music, technology, and a whole lotta fun converged on Austin’s Cedar Street Courtyard to celebrate the spirit of discovery and those who relentlessly seek it out. Day Two started with a bang, and didn’t relent until well past curfew—and after some hip-hop history was made. 

Did somebody say techno? Germany’s Moritz Simon Geist more than just delivered sleek and metallic techno sounds—he did so with robots. Yes, actual handmade robots that performed Geist’s body-rocking and brain-stimulating tracks to an enraptured audience.

Moritz Simon Geist

Herizen was the first of a trio of fierce women performers who lit up the second day of FLOODfest 2019. Her up-close and intimate blend of modern R&B mixed with rock and pop tones brought a warm, fluffy feeling to the proceedings. Flanked by a drummer and guitarist, Herizen’s sunny new sound is definitely one to listen for. 


Kari Faux is another outstanding new artist working in the world of contemporary R&B, with a decided twist. Renowned for her music as heard on the popular HBO series Insecure, Faux brought profound and introspective vibes to an eager audience. 

Kari Faux

Leikeli47 was nothing short of a revelation. The masked rapper hit the stage like a lightning bolt that crackled through the crowd. Her microphone dexterity was matched by her infectious enthusiasm, as she implored the diverse crowd to live their best lives. She invited some of the more outgoing and flamboyant fans onstage for a dance, with a procession of young queens taking turns burning up the stage while Leikeli47 performed (including Kari Faux).


For her tune “Girl Blunt,” the rapper even brought a couple of female fans onstage just to smoke weed. Her high-energy set electrified everyone within earshot, as Leikeli47 won over a legion of new fans. She spent as much time out in the crowd as she did onstage, at one point running upstairs to rap from the VIP balcony. If you see that Leikeli47 is performing in your area, run, don’t walk. She’s the realest of real deals.

While the stunned crowd was still recovering from Leikeli47’s power, a squad of veteran rappers was ready to make some waves.

Dungeon Family

For the first time in decades, all six members of the first-generation Dungeon Family, including Goodie Mob, hit the stage together. Led by OutKast’s Big Boi with CeeLo Green, Sleepy Brown, Big Gipp and the crew took the party on a tour of the “Dirty South,” repping the ATL with classic tracks from the myriad projects represented. While OutKast classics like “Bombs Over Baghdad” and “So Fresh, So Clean” were among audience favorites, it was CeeLo who nearly stole the show with a soaring rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

CeeLo Green

Dungeon Family was set to end on “OutKast’s “Liberation,” when the club’s curfew kicked in, effectively ending the historic reunion. 

Sleepy Brown

As the fired-up party people happily filed out of the club, the Dungeon Family collected in the back alley for an impromptu photoshoot to commemorate the moment. 

Dungeon Family

“We could’ve been anywhere for this moment, but we chose to be right here,” Big Boi bellowed from the Main Stage during the show, adding that while the crew will always rep for the ATL, on this day, Austin, Texas was the heart of the Dirty South. FL

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