Flume Reveals Secrets to Electronic Music Success in “When Everything Was New”

The four-part documentary chronicles how the Australian producer became an international sensation.

Flume is a young legend.

The Australian superstar DJ and producer has shared When Everything Was New, a documentary taking viewers behind the scenes of his already storied career.

Originally issued last year as an Apple Music exclusive, Flume has uploaded the four-part doc to YouTube so the rest of us can learn the story of how he went from mild-mannered Harley Streten to a global music sensation.

Part One of the series reveals Flume’s humble beginnings, when a young Harley received free music-making software in a box of cereal. With testimonials from artists and collaborators like Vince Staples to his own family members, When Everything Was New provides an intimate glimpse inside the life of the electronic music icon. Watch Part 1 below.


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