Lizzo’s Internet Presence Is ?

Her ass is all over social media, and no one’s complaining.

You all know Lizzo. She’s the sassy body-positive rapper whose hotly anticipated third studio album and major label debut, Cuz I Love You, is out April 19 on Atlantic. For the album cover art, Lizzo was photographed nude. She and the background are both sultry and black.

Last year, Lizzo became a meme when a video of her gleeful departure on the back of someone’s motorized cart—saying “Bye, bitch!” to the camera—made the rounds on social media. She’s since risen to glory on Twitter. I can’t count the number of times she’s been retweeted into my newsfeed in the last six months.

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Lizzo not only loves herself—she lusts after herself. She likes her big butt and her big hair and her room-filling power-voice, and she likes these things so much she’s made everyone else admire them, too. Habitually garbed in lingerie online, she’s exuberant, excited, and enthused—any ‘e’ word you can think of, basically. But despite her sexpot ways, there’s an innocence about Lizzo as well. She can’t believe it when she hits #1 or when big name stars praise her. She’s quick to guffaw and quicker to twerk. She’s also unexpected: a rapper who’s also a flute virtuoso! The flute’s a delicate instrument, but Lizzo wields it fiercely. (See: her perfect recreation of the jazz flute scene from Anchorman. Ron Burgundy is quaking.)

People also appreciate Lizzo’s shamelessness. She tweets about her crushes on celebrities like Seth Rogen (wut) and alerts the world to the puppy-dog eyes Shawn Mendes made at her on the BRIT awards red carpet (in your dreams, Mendes). She tweets videos of her naked ass, cellulite and all. She labels clips of her savoring a delicious meal “explicit sexual content,” and sensually eats chocolate in a black bra. She brings fans along on her quest for love (“Damn, is there anyone good enough for this pussy?”) but is wryly realistic in her reservations about finding The One (“pro tip: if you’re planning on sweeping me off my feet—bring a vacuum.”)

In her recent Allure cover story, dressed in feathers and pastel Marc Jacobs, Lizzo told her fans: “If you can love me as much as you do without knowing me, and without me being like this archetype of modern beauty in media, then you can love yourself.”

We’re working on it, Lizzo.


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