Thom Yorke, Low, Duran Duran, and More Reflect on the Passing of Scott Walker

The brilliant singer-songwriter passed away today at age seventy-six.

His voice was other-worldly. His musical explorations were unparalleled. His influence was profound, leaving a mark on countless artists including David Bowie, Robert Plant, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Jarvis Cocker, Julian Cope, Echo and the Bunnymen, Leonard Cohen, Damon Albarn, Brian Eno, Marc Almond, and many more.

The music world was stricken today with news that Scott Walker—born Noel Scott Engel—passed away at the age of seventy-six. First finding success as a young heartthrob with the Walker Brothers in the mid ’60s, Walker’s series of inventive solo albums upon leaving the band in 1967 defied categorization, incorporating elements of classical music, Jacques Brel–inspired cabaret, film scores, and avant-garde lyrics. After disappearing for much of the ’80s and ’90s, Walker resurfaced on 4AD Records in 1995 with the striking Tilt, connecting Walker to a new world of fans with his stark experimentalism. He remained active since then, releasing a string of progressive albums, while also producing Pulp (for their final album, We Love Life), collaborating with the drone-metal group Sunn O))) on the full-length Soused, singing on Bat For Lashes’ song “The Big Sleep,” and most recently, composing the music for the 2018 movie Vox Lux.

4AD records shared the news this morning. “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Scott Walker,” the label posted on its website. “Scott Walker has been a unique and challenging titan at the forefront of British music: audacious and questioning, he has produced works that dare to explore human vulnerability and the godless darkness encircling it.”

Today, scores of artists and fans have shared their thoughts on his passing. Here’s a sampling below, including tweets from Duran Duran, Brian Eno, and Thom Yorke.


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