PREMIERE: The Greeting Committee Dance with the Past in Video for “Is This It?”

Kansas City kids lead by example with thoughtful and profound pop.

Life is but a dream.

Such is the case in The Greeting Committee’s surreal new music video for “Is This It?,” the latest single from the burgeoning band’s 2018 full-length debut, This Is It.

Fueled by youthful exuberance—band members are aged nineteen to twenty-two, crafting their debut It’s Not All That Bad EP between classes in their hometown of Kansas City—The Greeting Committee delve into the world of dreams in the video, featuring singer Addie Sartino waking up in the middle of a raucous house party. She soon runs into herself as a child, and spends the rest of the clip guiding her younger self through the various pitfalls of social life.

The track is a sparkling pop confection, punctuated by bracing horn blasts like an updated take on the Waitresses day drinking with Florence + the Machine.

“A lot of the album is about that point when you get to nineteen or twenty and look around only to ask yourself, ‘Why did I want to grow up so badly? Is this all there is?’” Sartino said in a press statement. “But at the same time, the album holds songs that were written when I was still in high school and experiencing a lot of big firsts, so it’s also a soundtrack to those moments, the ones that lead me to where I am now.”

The singer has been very vocal about her status as a young queer woman in modern America, hoping to provide something of a beacon to other kids grappling with similar, sometimes difficult circumstances.

“I think what people look for in music is vulnerability, and the feeling that someone else understands what you’re going through,” Sartino stressed. “My favorite part of all this is having people tell me that something I wrote made them feel less alone, because that’s what music’s always done for me and for the people I love.”

Watch the video for “Is This It?” below.


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