PREMIERE: Elva Shares Hopeful New Song “Ghost Writer”

"‘Ghost Writer’ is a song trying to come to terms with how being a parent influences you."

The latest music from the band Elva was recorded in an old school house in the Swedish forest during moose hunting season, and it shows.

It all becomes clear from the first jangly strum of “Ghost Writer,” the song that closes the forthcoming full-length from the collaboration between Allo Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris and Ola Innset of Making Marks and Sunturns, Winter Sun, set for release on April 19 on Tapete Records.

Built on a jaunty, upbeat melody and catchy chorus, “Ghost Writer” is the shimmering sound of summer in these early days of spring. It’s a hopeful note to punctuate an album inspired by the birth of the couple’s daughter.

“I really wanted to make an album that had a nice mix of really quiet and gentle songs, together with the louder feedback-y stuff,” Morris shared in a press statement about what to expect from the rest of Winter Sun. “It was great to be able to share songwriting duties with Ola, as finding time to write is trickier these days with a baby in tow, so it really took the pressure off to write all the songs myself.”

“One of the things I’ve noticed about becoming a parent is how it has made me see my own parents in a different light,” shared Innset, who is a published author in Norway. “I know how incredibly devoted I am to our daughter, emotionally, but also in practical terms: All the insane things we do for her 24/7, how her well-being is constantly on our minds, and so on. The realization that my own parents did and most likely felt the same for me, and in some ways probably still do, is humbling and touching. ‘Ghost Writer’ is a song trying to come to terms with how being a parent influences you, how you influence your child, and how you’ve been influenced by your parents.”

Listen to “Ghost Writer” below.


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