LISTEN: Two Eerie New PJ Harvey Songs

“Descending” and “The Moth” will be included on the All About Eve soundtrack, out later this month. 

If you’re any kind of cinephile, you’ve seen Bette Davis as an aging Broadway diva in the 1950 classic All About Eve. But for all you lucky theaterphiles (is that a thing?), there’s now a modern stage adaptation of the Academy Award–winning film, starring our favorite redhead Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) and Lily James (Mamma Mia!). It’s currently playing at the Noël Coward Theatre in London’s famed West End.

Later this month, the production’s original soundtrack comes out—including twelve tracks and ten original pieces of instrumental music, plus two new songs written by PJ Harvey and sung by Anderson and James. Singer-songwriter Harvey has long since supplemented her daring albums with compositions for film, TV, and theater.

Of the score and her collaboration with theater director Ivo van Hove, Harvey said in a press statement: “I have always loved stories, and so to compose music to support and enhance a story being told is a challenge I enjoy. I also love the freedom that working instrumentally can give me without the constraints of song form.”

Listen to “The Moth,” which features vocals from Lily James, as well as the instrumental track “Descending” below.

The All About Eve soundtrack is out April 12 via Lakeshore/Invada. Preorder it here


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