Escort Remakes Journey’s “Separate Ways” Video and It’s Glorious

The NYC disco revivalists throw it back to 1983 with their must-watch video for “Outta My Head.”

They remake TV shows and movies—why not music videos?

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel like so many do when it comes time to produce a music video, NYC disco-house collective Escort simply looked back to the classics for the band’s latest clip.

The video for their single, “Outta My Head,” is a shot-for-shot remake of Journey’s 1983 visual for the single, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).”

For the uninitiated, the Journey original is the pinnacle of ’80s rock absurdity—a period when the biggest rock band in the country could just go down to the nearest dock with a model and a couple of instruments and call it a music video.

In Escort’s hands. the classic camp of the original provides the footprints for an absolutely must-watch clip for their big and brassy dance floor jam. Watch it below.

We can’t wait to see which classic music video gets remade next…


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