London’s Book Bench Sculptures Are Going Up For Auction

The city's literature-inspired book benches, created by various artists, will be auctioned off for charity next month.

If you walked around the streets of London this summer, you may have noticed some colorful and whimsical benches perched on some of the routes that the world’s book-lovers frequent. If you took a closer look at these seats, you would have seen that these benches were shaped like open books, and depicted an individual’s interpretation of a beloved London story.

The National Literacy Trust set up this public art project around the streets of the U.K.’s capital city (which still includes Scotland) for all to enjoy. The benches were designed by local and renowned artists who offered their take on familiar stories. The finished products were vibrant and beautiful, offereing a unique way to appreciate the literary history of London.


For those of you that dream of having one of these, the benches are going up for auction on October 7 at London’s Southbank Centre. You’ll be able to bid (online or in person) for a chance to get one of these exquisite pieces. Head over to Books about Town website for more about tickets and registering online.



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