PLAYLIST: The Budos Band Present “The Budos Dirge”

With Game of Thrones coming to an end, the NYC instrumental jazz-funk troupe plays the series out with an aptly Homeric soundtrack.

The Budos Band had been around for years when the wildly popular HBO show Game of Thrones first hit the small screen—but the chaotic, psych-infused instrumental jazz-funk collective has been writing soundtracks for the epic series since they formed in the mid-’00s. Characterized by Morriconian horns, proggy keys, dense percussion, heavy-psych guitar, sinister bassoon, unpredictable sax solos, and about a thousand other things going on at any given moment, Budos has always been the perfect candidate for scoring intense scenes of fantasy sex and violence.

“As the final season of GoT ramps up, people are rightfully looking for an appropriate soundtrack to put them in the mood,” the band posits, nominating themselves as the songwriters to take on the daunting task. “The Budos invite you to pour a strong ale, sharpen your dragon axe, and pre-game to some classic tunes selected from all five of our albums. We all have been inspired by the writings of George R. R. Martin for years, and the imagery and themes in these epic stories have been found in our music for over a decade.”

With nothing but respect for Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi, the group presents “The Budos Dirge.” Listen along on Spotify, and heed the band’s cryptic war cry below. Their latest record, V, is available now via Daptone Records. 

“While the Crimson Skies bring forth Shattered Winds, Nature’s Wrath is about to crash down upon humanity. The dead are approaching, rising up from Deep in the Sand, like Black Hills unable to be flattened within the Valley of the Damned. It is the Peak of Eternal Night, while a Trail of Tears follows wherever darkness reaches. But there are warriors that are ready to fight for the light, Unbroken, Unshaven, as they look Into the Fog  and prepare for battle. Like a River Serpentine filled with Black Venom, the Veil of Shadows has arrived. T.I.B.W.F!


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