Explore New Penzance Island On A “Moonrise Kingdom” Location Tour

American Laundromat Records is taking fifty lucky fans to experience the exquisite locations of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

moonrise-kingdom-location-tour-posterFrom Camp Ivanhoe to Summer’s End, to the dirt road with no name to the meadow and on, you can now walk the path that Sam and Suzy did in Moonrise Kingdom. American Laundromat Records has set up an awesome location tour of Wes Anderson’s quirky 2012 film, and are inviting fifty guests to join them on the adventure.

When? Where? Well, here’s the plan. Make your way to Jamestown, Rhode Island, on October 12 where a luxury coach will meet you at 9:00 a.m. From there your tour will begin, taking you through key locations of the film around Rhode Island, including “Khaki Scouts Troop 55” camp and a place to see props from the movie.

It’s a one-day event limited to only fifty fans, so you may want to hurry and get your tickets. They’re only $100 and includes a gift bag, coffee, cider, a pastry, lunch, and of course, the incredible opportunity to experience Moonrise Kingdom for yourself.


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