PREMIERE: Kissing Party Chart the Distance Between Glamour and Loneliness in “Wasted Worlds Apart” Video

The Denver “slop-pop” band share the final single from their debut release on their own BBYV Records.

For Gregg Dolan, not having a backing band was no obstacle for releasing an album of self-proclaimed “slop-pop,” a made-up genre that apparently requires a full band. Kissing Party is the miraculous congregation of Dolan and a cast of misfit musicians handpicked due to their “cool” name, or the mere fact that they owned a guitar.

Five years on, and the collective is stronger than ever. With the imminent release of their LP Mom & Dad, the Denver group is sharing the final preview of their slightly mutilated take on pop rock—“Wasted Worlds Apart” recalls Girls’ Album with an additional dimension of hypnagogic drum hits. It’s equal parts glamorous and campy (too soon?), as the track’s accompanying video so perfectly reflects.

“I think ‘Wasted Worlds Apart’ captures the exact moment you’re walking around the park hungover Sunday afternoon and you realize, ‘What the fuck am I doing?’” Dolan notes. “It’s about feeling miles away from yourself and, by default, creating the same distance between the people you love.”

Mom & Dad is out May 17 on BBYV Records.


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