WATCH: Rhye Gets Even More Intimate with Video for “Needed”

The make-out act of 2013 returns with a special piano-based project.

Back in 2013, alt–R&B act Rhye quietly slipped into the public consciousness with the release of their debut album, Woman. Having caused a stir with early singles “Open” and “The Fall,” the mysterious act quickly became the make-out band of the year for the public radio set.

Here in 2019, Rhye returns with a special eight-track piano project, Spirit, along with an appropriately ethereal and intimate visual for the song “Needed.”

“These are songs about love in my life, but also about the love for piano brought back into my life,” explains Rhye mastermind Mike Milosh in a press statement of the new project. “The video for ‘Needed’ is a visual expression of the lyrics, a collection of interpretations and emotions created by the song itself. I took a fly-on-the-wall approach with each of the dancers and actors as they each had their own experience with the music. I just asked them to let go. It was an honor to witness these artists be so vulnerable and trusting, to capture these intimate moments that moved within each of them.”

Watch “Needed” below.


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