WATCH: Charly Bliss Cover “Mr. Brightside”

Name a more iconic duo, etc., etc.

As of last September, The Killers’ breakout single “Mr. Brightside” is fifteen years old—before we know it, the track will be canonized among the annals of classic rock alongside early-aughts staples like “This Is How You Remind Me,” “Scars,” and “Pieces of Me.” Yet unlike most of its peers, “Brightside” remains culturally sprightly outside of the recent mall-emo revival, remaining even more online than “Take Me Out” or “Last Nite.”

Last week, the single was given new life by power-pop quartet Charly Bliss, who vigorously covered “Brightside” at a London gig. True to the original, but with a fresh sugar coating courtesy of vocalist Eva Hendricks—out-glamming Brandon Flowers in a silver-tasseled, I-like-your-sleeves-they’re-real-big dress—the video below confirms that the group came absolutely correct with the cover, very likely making Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks proud.

The group’s latest, Young Enough, is out now on Barsuk Records—and if you’re quick, you can catch their Reddit AMA.


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