Sleater-Kinney Turn Up the Tease on New Music

Carrie Brownstein and company are dropping big hints about an impending full-length album.

The world is in need of new Sleater-Kinney music, and signs are pointing to its imminent arrival.

Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, and Janet Weiss have taken to social media to share a (subtly unsettling) band image and a series of words: “Unlovable,” “Unfuckable,” and “Unlistenable.” What appears on the surface to be something of a glamor shot comes with a surreal edge, as Brownstein’s body has been manipulated to face the opposite direction as her head.

What we do know about the potential forthcoming Sleater-Kinney album is that its being produced by St. Vincent—a revelation gleaned via social media posts featuring the rock stars working in the studio together.

Eagle-eyed fans stalking the Mom + Pop record label spied a band bio citing the new album title as The Center Won’t Hold, but that page has since been pulled from the website.


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