Nearly Eighteen Hours of Radiohead’s “OK Computer” Session Have Hit the Internet

Radiohead completists will have plenty to sort through/cry over.

How much Radiohead is too much Radiohead? For a band with a rabid fan base eager for any and every thing the band has ever touched, today’s big reveal is akin to a handful of Christmases rolled into one: almost eighteen full hours of music from the sessions that resulted in OK Computer.

The existence of these eighteen Minidiscs containing the holy grail of all things OK Computer was made public on (where else) Reddit, where fans can discuss the contents contained therein. Don’t expect to find any links to the music—the host of the thread is maintaining a “no piracy policy.”

So for the hardcore Radiohead nation yet to hear what gems lurk buried within all of that sound, it’s time to fire up the internet search engines, and clear plenty of space on those hard drives. Happy hunting.

In the meantime, please enjoy this OK Computer outtake that came with the album’s twentieth anniversary, “I Promise.”


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