LISTEN: Kelis’ Long-Lost Album “Wanderland” Is Now Streaming

The Neptunes-produced project was originally slated for release in 2001.

Long before she hit the pop charts with 2003 hit, “Milkshake,” Kelis was making forward-thinking music that existed between pop and hip-hop. With The Neptunes providing beats, she first got our attention with her 1999 debut Kaleidoscope, best known for the emotive, scream-along hit, “Caught Out There.”

The singer’s 2001 follow-up, Wanderland, never got a chance in America. Released on in Europe, the album still generated lots of positive press and was embraced by her hardcore fans. It’s the moment that she jumped from Virgin to The Neptunes’ Star Trak Entertainment, resulting in the 2003 album Tasty and its signature single, “Milkshake.”

Now, a good eighteen years after the fact, Wanderland has quietly arrived on the major streaming platforms so quietly that not even Kelis herself knew it was coming.

“It’s been a long time coming, I had given up…well almost,” the singer told FADER. “I was shocked to wake up this morning to see it had been streamed. All the politics of it aside, it feels good and I’m happy that it’s been given it’s time to live on speakers across the country.”

Go back to the future and listen to Kelis’ Wanderland below.


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