Hozier, “Hozier”


After his spellbinding video for “Take Me to Church” went viral last September, calling out Russia’s government on the vicious criminalization of homosexuality, Andrew Hozier-Byrne was expected to be another one-hit wonder. That has not been the case for the twenty-four-year-old Irishman, as he’s since seen his Take Me to Church EP latch onto the top end of the Billboard charts. His debut album Hozier, co-produced with Rob Kirwan (PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode), is an emotionally charged vehicle that succeeds in branding the artist’s sound. The bluesy musician uses his sharp tongue to carve out lyrics that are as poetic as they are relatable, but his musicality is what begins to disappointingly echo itself. Hozier doesn’t tangle with verbosity; he holds onto his point and makes sure he gets it across. Blending the opposing worlds of tender gospel and dark rock has given Hozier a solid album, but the ability to adapt will give him a career.


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