WATCH: Stephen Colbert Gets Rid of Some Priceless Junk in a Yard Sale

How do you get rid of nine years of collected crap?

Over the last couple of months, Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central have been trying to slowly ease us into the cold harsh truth(iness) that The Colbert Report is ending with little hints of life beyond the C-shaped desk…and the grim reaper hovering around the studio. While most viewers have still been in complete denial that one of the network’s tentpole shows is ending tonight, last night—on his “last show of it not being [his] last show”—Colbert harshly ripped the band-aid off by selling all of his knickknacks and memorabilia in the most American way possible: a yard sale.


After putting up unassuming signs around Manhattan and assembling an incredibly cluttered room full of “meaningful keepsakes,” Colbert greeted and bartered with yard sale enthusiasts who came to find priceless Report treasures, but were only willing to pay a dollar for most of them. Among the goods being sold off for a buck were figurines of The Beatles, a passport for Colbert’s balls, leftover Vacsa products, and an iPad mini. Unfortunately not all of Colbert’s junk was flying off the shelves—his one-of-a-kind Michael Stipe was priced to move at a quarter.


Watch the whole video below to see what he does with his hard-earned $90, and make sure to tune in for the final episode of The Colbert Report this evening at 11:30 p.m. on Comedy Central. We’ll miss you Stephen, but we’ll miss your framed photo of Hugh Laurie most of all.


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