PREMIERE: Andrew Combs Bares His Psychedelic Soul in “Stars of Longing” Video

Combs reveals the video with news of an album, Ideal Man, coming this fall.

While it is without question the capital of country music, there’s a lot more than just country going on in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. Case in point: Andrew Combs.

Still basking in the afterglow of his inspired 5 Covers & a Song EP, which featured his interpretations of tracks by The Strokes, and Radiohead, Combs is ready to give even more: a brand new full-length, Ideal Man, is set for release on September 20.

Before Combs provides a soundtrack for the fall, he’s delivered the album’s first single, a shimmering slab of groovy psychedelic soul, “Stars of Longing,” via a wind-blown video. It’s a promising precursor to what’s to come from this emerging artist, proving that Nashville can nurture all sorts of musical talent. Listen to it below.


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