The Raconteurs Paid The Beatles a Sneaky Tribute

Jack White and company’s latest full-length has a secret album cover for true fans only.

Oh, that Jack White. The lover of all things analog and vinyl—and avowed enemy of cellphone technology—is surely behind The Raconteurs’ merry new album cover prank.

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The band’s latest album, Help Us Stranger, comes in an extremely limited edition vinyl version that boasts a hidden cover. The secret image is a parody of The Beatles’ notorious original front shot for Yesterday and Today. It’s become known as the “butcher block” cover, which was promptly banned in America upon release back in 1966. In the chaos following the cover being pulled and replaced, a number of copies still made it out into the world as a treasured collectible.

As noted by Variety, some brave fans discovered the secret after peeling away the lenticular 3D cover attached to the vinyl version that was sent out to Third Man Vault subscribers. See a video of one such fan revealing it below.

Variety also points out that White’s label is know for such risky record maneuvers. A limited-edition “triple decker” record released in 2010 featured a 7-inch 45 encased within a 12-inch LP. “It’s one of the many mind games we like to play with you here at Third Man Records,” White said at the time.


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