Tegan and Sara Bare All With a New Album and a Memoir

Their new full-length Hey, I’m Just Like You comes out in September, as does the book.

Tegan and Sara, the pop twins famous for writing their songs separately, then singing them together in perfect, nasally synchronization, subsequently defining a generation of LGTBQ lust and heartbreak, are releasing a ninth studio album—and it’s a throwback of sorts.

Twenty years into their career, the girls’ new record is based on the first songs they ever wrote. Hey, I’m Just Like You was inspired by cassettes the siblings found while penning a memoir called High School, which publishes on September 24, a few days before the album’s release. This will be their first full-length since 2016’s Love You to Death, and is additionally the first Tegan and Sara album made with an all-woman team (mixing, mastering, engineering, producing, etc.).

“While working on our memoir, we discovered lost cassette tapes that had been unheard for over twenty years,” Tegan said in a press release. “They contained dozens of our first songs, written between the ages of fifteen and seventeen…we immediately recognized the songs as an essential part of our high school story.

“This is the record we never could have made as teenagers, full of songs we never could have written as adults.”

In the album trailer, we see home videos of the twins as teenagers, wearing eyebrow piercings and hair longer than we’ve ever seen it, playing guitar in their bedroom and talking on phones with cords (remember those?)

Watch the album trailer below. Hey, I’m Just Like You comes out September 27 via Sire. Pre-save it here


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