Kanye West Wants Poor People to Live in “Star Wars” Housing

The new Kanye continues to confound with this Tatooine-inspired concept.

Kanye West has a decidedly sci-fi idea when it comes to helping alleviate the homeless crisis in America. During a wide-ranging Forbes interview, West talked about working with a design team to craft prefab housing based on George Lucas’ vision for the Star Wars franchise.

West even showed off prototypes of the igloo-styled structures patterned after the home Luke Skywalker lived in on the planet Tatooine in the films.

“There, with the hazy heft of something enormous and far away, stand a trio of structures that look like the skeletons of wooden spaceships,” Forbes notes. “They’re the physical prototypes of his concept, each oblong and dozens of feet tall, and West leads me inside each one. He tells me they could be used as living spaces for the homeless, perhaps sunk into the ground with light filtering in through the top.”

The Tatooine scenes for Star Wars were shot in Tunisia. With many of those structures built in the 1970s still standing and in use today (see below), West just might be onto something.


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