Los Angeles Is Getting a “Blade Runner” Pop-Up Bar in November

All your money will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to be poor. 

Your favorite gloomy, neon-drenched neo-noir as envisioned by Ridley Scott and Philip K. Dick before him is finally becoming a reality. Why now, you might ask? Because Blade Runner (1982) was set in the dystopian-future Los Angeles of 2019. That’s this year!

DTLA is getting a Blade Runner–themed pop-up bar called Nexus 2019, conceived by Jared Butler. Since 2010 he has produced the Mad Max–themed Wasteland Weekend, and now aims to combine classic Hollywood noir with futuristic sci-fi vibes. He’s billing this space as a totally “immersive” experience, the same word used for WW. The term “Nexus” is a reference to Denis Villeneuve’s sequel Blade Runner 2049, in which Ryan Gosling plays a Nexus-9 replicant named K.

The bar is opening in a TBD location this November, and themed cocktails are promised—as is food (fingers crossed for noodles), actors, and live entertainment. Anticipated drinks include a chrysanthemum and chamomile-infused Old Fashioned made with Johnnie Walker (what Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard drinks in Blade Runner) and a Cadillac margarita with yuzu and a floating eyeball in ice, intended to imitate a replicant’s eye; those are inscribed with their serial numbers in the film.

But hold on to your wallets: Tickets to Nexus cost $82 per person, which buys you a two-hour reservation (you can’t overstay your welcome), one cocktail, and a souvenir package. Guests who want to stay for an additional two hours can purchase multiple tickets, but you have to exit and re-enter.

Nexus opens November 1. 21+ only. Click here to purchase tickets.

courtesy Nexus 2019 / by Ryan Barry and Jay Lender



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