There Are New George Clanton Billboards

Taking the place of the inexplicable wordless promos in LA’s Atwater Village and Highland Park, the vaporwave pioneer breaks the news of an impending 100% Electronica pop-up.

George Clanton is an electronic musician largely credited with the Promethean task of salvaging vaporwave from the throes of irony and repackaging it as earnest, accessible pop music for listeners who spend some of their time offline. George Clanton has also been T.J. Eckleburging the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Atwater Village and Highland Park lately, gracing a pair of unexplained billboards featuring the artist and his recently broken ankle

Yesterday Clanton tweeted the news that these billboards have been swapped out for what was later in the day revealed to be a plug for a pop-up shop run by 100% Electronica, the label he runs with Negative Gemini. The event will be one day only, beginning at noon on July 27, and will take place 4852 Santa Monica Boulevard.

“Investigate the billboard for clues,” Clanton wrote on his Facebook page yesterday. “If you can figure out where it is and what date and time then you will be rewarded with old af merch returns, imperfect out of print record stock, perfect out of print record stock, all new never before seen merch, rare obscure collectors items, dj sets from the boy and girl, and other things to look at and collect. It’s going to be like panning for gold except way easier and much more expensive. Also I’ll be there walking around and looking you right in the eye ball. When it’s all gone we close the doors and say goodnight. See you there!!”

Check out the new 100% store to get a glimpse of what to find at the pop-up, and pay tribute to the old billboards below.


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