Steve Harrington of “Stranger Things” Just Released a Song

Actor Joe Keery shared a languorous single from his new project Djo.

His hair, penchant for babysitting, and newfound vulnerability aren’t the only good things about Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington. The Chicago-bred, Los Angeles–based actor behind the jock-turned-ice-cream-parlor-lothario, Joe Keery, was a musician before his Netflix debut, when he played with Chicago psych-rock group Post Animal. He left the band behind after they released a 2018 record When I Think Of You in a Castle.

But lucky for you, Joe is back behind the mic with a new project called Djo. This past weekend he shared “Roddy,” a dreamy psychedelic-pop single on which Keery sings, “there’s something wrong with this world, I feel it comin’ on” (we feel it too, buddy). In the cover art, Keery dons sunglasses and a ’70s porn stash. Listen below. 

Keery isn’t the only Stranger Things cast member with a musical temperament; his co-star Finn Wolfhard (a.k.a. Mike Wheeler, Eleven’s boyfriend) fronts Canadian rock band Calpurnia. We look forward to seeing what’s next from both outfits—hopefully a potential ST season four won’t detract from these side hustles. 


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