Starcrawler Announce Sophomore Album “Devour You,” Share “Bet My Brains” Video

Devour You drops October 11 via Rough Trade.

Starcrawler’s live show is an event to remember. Drawing inspiration from rock’s most animated front people, singer Arrow de Wilde can frequently be seen drinking fake blood and writhing on the ground in a hospital gown—a specific energy the horror-themed hard rock group aims to capture in their live recordings. 

Today the LA-based band is revealing that they’ve done just that on their second LP, which they’ve announced will arrive just in time for Halloween. With it, the young rockers are sharing the first video, which sees them terrorizing some pretty oblivious old folks on the grounds of a fancy estate. There’s plenty of pastels, dead bodies, not-quite-a-corpse-yet paint, and, yes, writhing to be seen—a promising indication for the direction Devour You has taken the band in.

“[‘Bet My Brains’] came from thinking about the tunnel people in New York and Vegas and the Catacombs in France, and the underground village of people who live in the sewers of the LA River,” says de Wilde of the track’s inspiration. “I was fascinated with the fact that there is a whole other world happening right under our feet.” 

You can pre-order the album here, and make plans to catch the band in your home town per the dates listed on their site.


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