Alex the Astronaut Is Addressing Domestic Violence

The Aussie singer-songwriter’s new track “I Like to Dance” tells the real story of abuse.

Alex the Astronaut’s breakthrough tune “Not Worth Hiding” was released in Australia amidst debate over legalizing gay marriage, and henceforth became one of the unofficial anthems of the Vote Yes movement (pro-LGBTQ equality).

Now, the Australian singer-songwriter has a song called “I Like to Dance,” detailing the destructive nature of domestic abuse. In writing it, Alex worked with and learned from real women at an Australian anti-violence non-profit.

“I Like to Dance” paints the often-dismissed complexity of an abusive relationship: the victim suspects some of her friends know, but hopes they don’t pity her; she feels she cannot leave him, because she has two kids and he would find her anyway; and she wonders about all the things she might accomplish if he weren’t around.

Two standout lines—“he didn’t want to be like this” and “I just wish he’d stop”—seem in opposition, but both are true. The song’s subject has both compassion for her violent spouse and sympathy for herself. 

All proceeds from the track go to 1-800-RESPECT, a violence counseling and information referral service. Watch the video below. 


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