WATCH: Jack Black Is Doing Jack Gray Things with Jack White

The yin-yang twins of rock made music together.

Are you ready for a full-on Jack Black attack? Because that’s what’s coming. Most rockers are well aware that Black connected with the yin to his last name’s yang, Jack White, who Black’s band Tenacious D joked was a new roadie for the band.

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Now we know that Black and White have brought their rocker-twin powers to activate a brand new song under the appropriate moniker of Jack Gray. The news broke over the weekend, with Jack Black sharing a video recounting the recording session at White’s Nashville home for a “legendary collab” that included his Tenacious D partner, Kyle Gass.

“His house is crazy, I’ve never seen so many cool antique toys,” Black raves about White’s Nashville digs in the clip. “It’s what you would expect: Jack White’s house is gonna be off the chain. I’m still floating, floating on Cloud 9. I think our song is the kickin’ chicken too—it’s a stone-cold jam.”

While there is no indication when the world will hear Jack Gray, get a glimpse of what to expect in the video below.

But wait, there’s more: Black is set to take over the extremely intimate Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles to present “The Jack Black Experience.” Details are sparse, but we do know that it’s a benefit for the Immigrant Defenders Law Center. There’s also a high probability of high-profile special guests. The show is set for August 28. Get more details here.


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