“The OA” Fans Organize Flash Mobs and Hunger Strikes to Save Cancelled Series

Netflix hit with protests for axing the show after two seasons.

After just two seasons, Netflix has made the decision to cancel supernatural thriller The OA, and fans of the show are not taking the news lightly. In fact, they’ve mobilized and launched a series of protests in hopes the streaming giant will reverse the decision.

The drama kicked off last week with fans descending on the Netflix offices in Southern California. Among those fans was Emperial Young, who is days into a hunger strike in protest of the cancellation. Watch footage from the LA protest below.

“I’m hoping that showing how this show is so important that somebody is willing to starve themselves for it would make it a reason that people want to subscribe,” Young told Insider. “And alternately, if they don’t renew it, a reason that people want to cancel their Netflix.”

Across the country in New York, fans went so far as to purchase a billboard in Times Square on the corner of 42nd and 7th, taking Netflix to task for their crimes. And today, The OA faithful employed a flash mob outside of the Netflix studios in New York, with the promise of taking their operation over to Times Square.

A #SaveTheOA campaign has hit social media, with fans sharing personal stories and ideas of how to rescue the series, including streaming binges to crank up its ratings.

Show creator Brit Marling has shared a heartfelt “thank you” to the fans for their massive show of support. Read her post below.

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