mxmtoon Eats Sad Cheerios and Lactaid in Video for “dream of you”

Her debut album the masquerade is out September 17. 

Nineteen-year-old ukulele sensation and enemy of capital letters mxmtoon, a.k.a. Maia, has a new track out from her forthcoming debut album, the masquerade. The wistful folk-pop tune “dream of you” reminisces about a lost love, wondering what could’ve been if the relationship had endured.

Of the song, Maia explains, “when i was ten, i was told that if someone appeared in your dream you missed them and they missed you. ‘dream of you’ was brought out of that idea, and the lessons i’ve learned as i’ve gotten a bit older. people will come and go in our lives, and being okay with that reality has taken me a bit. admittedly, i’m still working on it! even when someone waltzes in and feels like they will be there forever, they still might go, but that’s okay. to appreciate the time you have with someone and the lessons you learned along the way, is the best thing you can do. so, this song is for those who have lost, loved, and learned from another. which should be all of us!”

In the video, the singer-songwriter sits at a kitchen counter and sadly eats a bowl of Cheerios and milk—along with a Lactaid pill (relatable). “You were the sugar to my sour,” she sings sweetly in the backdrop. Watch it below. 

There’s also an acoustic version of the song out, accompanied by an animated video featuring Maia as an intrepid astronaut. You can watch that one here


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