Tim Heidecker Runs for District Attorney in “Mister America” Trailer

The On Cinema at the Cinema universe expands with a feature-length studio film coming in October.

Twenty-four hours after digesting the first Between Two Ferns trailer, Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington are confirming that feature-length studio production is the new YouTube series.

The duo that’s brought us over one hundred episodes of poorly constructed positive reviews of bad movies is taking their fictional On Cinema at the Cinema universe to the big screen with Mister America, a new project from Magnolia Pictures that follows a storyline woven into the On Cinema canon, along with Decker and The Tim Heidecker Murder Trial

Shortly after releasing this incredible piece of literature, the pair will further involve us in the personal drama of Heidecker’s right-wing, Tom Cruise–loving alter ego, who’s now running for district attorney in San Bernardino County (keep in mind the character’s actually an amateur film critic in Los Angeles). With the ever-hard-to-read comedians using their own names throughout the series (and now in the film), the trailer—like most Abso Lutely productions—obscures the line between professional actor and unknowing victim.

Mister America hits theaters October 9.


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