WATCH: The First Teaser Trailer for Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Introduces the Relationship Between Lang and Pym

"Is is too late to change the name?"

The long-drawn-out drama on the production set of Marvel‘s Ant-Man was an industry water-cooler staple last year. The passion project of cult, visionary director Edgar Wright (who worked on the development of the film for nearly a decade), the film was always seen, even by fans of the Marvel universe, as a bit of an interesting choice for the studio. However, Marvel president Kevin Feige had put a (deserved) tremendous amount of trust in his director. In speaking to MTV in 2013, he said, “[Ant-Man is]…through the lens of Edgar Wright—which is the only reason we’re making the movie.” Well, flash-foward to last summer, while the film’s pre-production was fully underway, when Wright unexpectedly parted ways with the film and Marvel due to what was officially labeled “creative differences.” Director Peyton Reed (Bring It OnDown With Love) took the helm and since, fans have been left wondering: What will this film be?

Well, the first Ant-Man trailer has finally arrived and…we’ll see? Pretty vague, as teaser trailers are wont to be, the clips introduce Paul Rudd’s ex-con Scott Lang and his mentor, businessman and inventor (and ex-Ant-Man) Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas). Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Michael Peña, jail yards, the Ant suit, tucking your daughter into bed, and Paul Rudd’s hot bod all make quick appearances.

Not quite as fun as some past Marvel trailers we’ve seen, but the cast is great, and we’ll bite our tongues further until we see some broader, finished VFX.

Ant-Man will be released in theaters on July 17.



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