LISTEN: JPEGMAFIA Brainstorms “Beta Male Strategies” on New Single

The second cut from All My Heroes Are Cornballs is expectedly confrontational.

JPEGMAFIA will be releasing his latest album All My Heroes Are Cornballs this Friday, which has already received emphatic pans from Jeff Tweedy, James Blake, and more of his heroes (perhaps retaliation for Peggy calling them cornballs?). After sharing the characteristically antithetical pairing of bone-chilling samples and boy-band chorus on lead single “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot,” the rapper is easing off for his second single, the guitar-heavy and 8chan-wary “Beta Male Strategies,” reaffirming that we have no idea what to expect from a JPEGMAFIA project.

This isn’t to say “Strategies” is anything new for PEG—barely rhythmic chopped-and-screwed beats accommodating his cracked voice shouting lyrics about bringing white folks a new religion. Much like Twitter, it’s as horrifying as it is hilarious. 

Catch All My Heroes Are Cornballs in full when it drops this Friday, September 13.


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