WATCH: Death From Above 1979 Inspire In Music Video for “Trainwreck 1979”

The duo's first album in ten years, The Physical World, is out now.

Music’s inspirational power—that spark your favorite band ignites in your soul—is limitless. In the first music video from Death From Above 1979’s new record The Physical World, the band plays into the world of a young DFA1979 disciple as she practices Jesse F. Keeler’s “Trainwreck 1979” bass lines at home, takes the song to the streets, and thrashes front-row at the band’s sold out Troubadour show in Los Angeles.

Though the video focuses on one fictional fan, the camera lingers on other faces in the show’s crowd—their personal stories untold, but enthusiasm for the return of Death From Above 1979 obviously intact.

The Physical World is out now on Warner Brothers.


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