WATCH: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Shares Eleven-Minute Video for “Suffer On”

The title track to the genreless rapper’s latest LP plays on repeat to accommodate its lengthy visual.

Earlier this year we got a moody visual for the moody new LP from Tigers Jaw frontman Adam McIlwee’s rap project, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, which haunts the same corner of SoundCloud as the emo raps of fellow Gothboiclique cardholders as Lil Tracy, Horse Head, and the late Lil Peep. Today, the directors of the “Just One Thing” video are back behind the camera for a new clip dedicated to Suffer On’s title track, the ambient and sorrowful album closer.

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Pascual Sisto and Robert Becraft’s latest visual sees McIlwee in even more on-brand environs than its predecessor, swapping the dulled autumnal scenes of dead leaves and overcast skies with a stage of impenetrable shadows in the foreign city of Tokyo. Most of the video, however, follows a Japanese character who looks just as at-odds with their surroundings—a specific existentialism purposely mined to complement the track:

“It can be said that emo is based on the existential relationship of a speaker to what is spoken, a romanticism emanating from excessive focalization on oneself,” the directors shared in a press statement. “This has probably always been true of emo and sad boy culture, but Gothboiclique doubled down on the darkness and made it self-reflexive.”

As for the storyline, they continue: “The video was indirectly influenced by a short children’s fable by 1930’s author Kazuko Murayama, heard by chance on a vocaloid actor audition tape, about a bird whose longing to travel far away is thwarted by a broken watch and a missed train. The androgynous character in the video is searching for a remote signal, a dim and vanishing musical transmission. Nostalgia and sorrow take over as she attempts to reconcile with what is lost.”

Watch the video below, and grab a copy of Suffer On here, via Run for Cover. Additionally, you can find Wicca Phase Springs Eternal’s upcoming EU and U.S. tour dates on the attached flyers.


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