Disney+ Knows Exactly How to Hook You

Their newly announced streaming list of movies/TV is a nostalgia fever dream.

In a massive Twitter thread spanning over three hundred posts, Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ announced which movies and TV shows will be available on their platform once they launch November 12 in the United States. Spoiler alert: it’s basically every movie you’ve ever loved.

In addition to all the Star Wars and Marvel and Pixar flicks, plus classic Disney animations like Snow White and Aladdin, the vault is finally releasing the Disney Channel Original Movies, a.k.a. those lost but brilliant feats of filmmaking from the late ’90s through the 2000s, huge contributors to my present-day adult appreciation of Cinema. DCOMs featured Disney Channel stars (where are they now?! I’d genuinely love to know) and the occasional future A-lister; Shia LaBeouf in Tru Confessions, anyone?

Listen: Brink! taught me about soul skating and choosing friends over money. Motocrossed might have been the first time I ever saw crossdressing, and provided some serious wisdom about sexism in sports. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century envisioned human life in outer space, complete with wildly creative futuristic teen girl fashion. Thanks to Cadet Kelly, I fully understand the demands of military school (also, that movie had extremely queer undertones). And Smart House, as we all know, predicted the rise of fascist artificial intelligence. 

Until now, it was difficult to watch DCOMs; some are on YouTube, but the quality is shitty and they are usually split into eight separate videos. But soon you can see ’em on Disney+ for $7 a month. Seems worth it. Sign up here


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