PREMIERE: Mark Korven’s “Curse Your Name / Dirty Weather” Is Full of Foul Sounds

A new track from the score to A24’s The Lighthouse, out October 18.

Robert Eggers’ highly anticipated follow-up to horror flick The Witch stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as crotchety guardians of The Lighthouse in the 1890s, and the accompanying score by Toronto-based composer Mark Korven marks his second collaboration with the filmmaker. 

Described as a “descent into madness,” the actors’ onscreen performances are soundtracked by Korven’s brooding, hard-to-identify sounds. He’s known for creating “The Apprehension Engine,” a musical instrument intended to emit unsettling noises for horror films. 

Of the blood-curdling assortment premiering today (there might be a foghorn in there?), the dual-titled “Curse Your Name / Dirty Weather,” Korven says, “This track is about foul weather and even fouler moods. Lots of train wreck cacophonous brass to underscore our stranded souls.” 

The Lighthouse Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out Friday, October 18 via Sacred Bones and Milan Records. The Lighthouse will begin playing in LA/NY theaters on the same day. Listen below. 


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