Fiona Apple Sings on “Bob’s Burgers” Halloween Episode

Gene’s clever costume this year: Fiona Applesauce, “Fiona’s saucy aunt.”

Fiona Apple is now part of the Halloween canon, thanks to Bob’s Burgers. The animated FOX show’s Halloween episode for 2019 features a character named Gene introducing the very clever “Fiona Applesauce” costume, calling the mash-up his vision of “Fiona’s saucy aunt.”

That wasn’t Apple’s only connection to the show; she obviously signed off of the apple sauce gag, as Fiona herself provided vocals for the episode’s closing credits in a song called “Pig Trouble in Little Tina.” Watch the episode here.

Fan Tumblr Fiona Apple Rocks shared this video before the show aired, featuring the singer previewing what was to come on the episode. Check it out below.


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