PREMIERE: Jonathan Something’s Album “Art So Small You Can Hardly See It” Is Now Streaming

The multi-instrumentalist’s sophomore record puts a satirical spin on folk rock.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Connecticut (it’s a little different from Brooklyn, New York), Jonathan Something (also known as Jon Searles) released his debut album Outlandish Poetica in 2018, and earlier this year he went on tour with Peter Bjorn and John. Now, he’s back with his sophomore effort Art So Small You Can Hardly See It, a record whose genre JS describes as “satirical folk rock music.”

Jonathan recorded this one in a short period of time, as he was gearing up to move to LA (a move that didn’t last long). He describes the new project as “an attempt at sonically satisfying my own mercurial, restless taste in music.” 

He also told us, “Art So Small You Can Hardly See It was the first time I felt full unconditional satisfaction in a project. Every song feels as though it’s exactly what and where it needed to be on the album. It took on an enigmatic status in my brain that I’ve been chasing years since recording it.”

ASSYCHSI is out October 28 via Solitaire Recordings. You can listen to it in full below, or get it here


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