“Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Now Has an Official Start Date (And It’s Not Til September)

You have nine months to come to terms with the end of The Colbert Report.

Though David Letterman will wrap up his legendary late-night campaign on May 20 (unfortunately taking the magical man that is Paul Shaffer along with him), Stephen Colbert’s new version of the Late Show still isn’t slated to begin until September 8, as was announced today.

Further details are slim, but it is confirmed that Colbert’s show will also be filmed at the Ed Sullivan Theater, and will feature a conventional talk show band.

The biggest question mark, of course, is what aspects—if any—of The Colbert Report character will transition to the CBS show in September. After all, we never did get an ending to “Better Know a District,” now did we, Stephen?

(via The New York Times)


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